Lindy and Riley Thomas, rushed to save boy from Metra train. (CBS)

Lindy and Riley Thomas, rushed to save boy from Metra train. (CBS)

BARRINGTON (CBS) – Last week, a father and son jumped into action to save a child struck by a Metra train.

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On Wednesday, they sat down to talk with CBS 2’s Chris Martinez about their actions.

“I saved him as I would my own child,” said Lindy Thomas.

Sometimes, bonds are strengthened in the most difficult way.

That is something Riley and Lindy Thomas understand now all too well.

“Something from a moment’s notice could change your life, like that kid,” said Riley Thomas.

That moment was Friday when the Thomases were the first to spot 11-year-old Dominic Szymanski, who was trying to roll out from under a Metra passenger train.

Lindy Thomas went right to the boy, keeping Dominic still, while using words to comfort him.

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“He said, ‘You’re not going to amputate my leg’ and I said, ‘No honey, I’m just going to make sure it [his injury] doesn’t get dirty.”

Lindy Thomas used a belt as a tourniquet to stop the child, who lost his foot in the accident, from bleeding to death.

“My hands are still numb as I speak to you today,” he said. “It was not something you want to run to, but you had to because you want to save his life.”

Their efforts did exactly that. Dominic is expected to recover.

Thanks to their efforts, messages of ‘Get Well Soon’—in the form of cards and pictures–are piling up at Dominic’s school. The messages are from classmates and strangers alike, and the stack grows by the hour.

“We have high hopes that he’ll be here before the end of the school year,” said Lori Wilcox, the principal at Hough Street Elementary School in Barrington.

“It’s amazing. It’s a miracle, and we’re all really grateful.”

Dominic still has to undergo more procedures in the hospital, but is otherwise doing well.

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Dominic’s parents plan to meet with Riley and Lindy Thomas this week to thank them, for saving their son.