CHICAGO (CBS) — In an unexpected consequence of delaying marriage, more single women are getting pregnant in their 20s.

While teen pregnancy has dropped in the last 30 years, today pregnancy is setting single ladies in their 20s up for a financial struggle.

“It is kind of hard because we don’t want to have to depend on the government and going to the store is like embarrassing because people judge you when they see that you have the LINK card,” said Shannon Voitik.

20-year-old Shannon Voitik has a one-year-old daughter. Money’s also a concern for 22-year-old Stephanie Garety who wants to either be a nurse or a dental hygienist but can’t afford to go to college full-time.

“It is delaying it by probably a couple years. I am not able to take a full load of classes because I don’t have time,” said Garety.

The fathers of Voitik and Garety’s babies are still active in their children’s lives.

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