CHICAGO (CBS) — Palm Sunday and the recent election of a new pope meant standing room only at Holy Name Cathedral reports WBBM’s Veronica Carter.

Frances Cardinal George greeted each and every parishioner, and says he has gotten a chance to rest up since he came back from Rome. He says he’s pleased with the choice they made, saying they needed someone humble with a lot of vigor.

“Well the style is certainly a very humble style, but very clear and very simple and straightforward and that is refreshing,” said George. “What I am hearing is that Catholics are pretty happy with it but we will see. There are a few hard decisions coming along.”

Those attending Sunday’s service say there seems to be renewed interest in the church.

“Everybody is trying to get acknowledgement that we have a new pope now. This brought out the numbers,” said one parishioner.

For many it was there first time visiting Holy Name, but say they’ll make it a part of every visit to the city.