CHICAGO (CBS) — They are the newest line of a city’s defense; 59 men and women about to hit the streets as Chicago Police.

For Tony Vincent, it’s personal in a way no other new officer can imagine.

Becoming a policeman was a calling of sorts for Tony, the Air Force veteran inspired by a desire to serve, but more so by his dad.

“I’m actually wearing his belt. A nice gesture for him,” said Vincent.

Tony’s father, Larry, was a Chicago Cop too. His three years on patrol, ending January 14 1983 when a single bullet from a burglar’s gun took Larry’s life.

“It brings me back, sure it does,” said Vincent’s mother, Marilyn Butler.

They are memories neither Tony nor Marilyn like to talk about very much, even as they come flooding back today.

Instead, their focus is the future: high hopes for a safer city as one son looks to finish what his father started.

“I know his father would be very proud of him. Just looking down and he’s blessing us,” said Marilyn Butler.

Some of those new officers who graduated today will be out working in our neighborhoods as early as Tuesday night. They’re among 600 new police men and women expected to join CPD this year.

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