By Roseanne Tellez

LAKE STATION, Ind. (CBS) — There is more information coming out about an Indiana high school teacher who made threatening comments to students.

Earlier this month, a substitute teacher wrote a chalkboard message, written to a group sophomores and juniors taking a personal finance class at Edison Junior-Senior High School in Lake Station, Ind., saying:
“Period 6: (only)
(a) You are idiots!!!
(b) The guns are loaded!!!
(c) Care to try me?????”

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez talked to some students who said they’ve been on the receiving end of other inappropriate comments from that teacher.

Edison students Meagen Taylor and Ciarra Arteaga were interviewed by police shortly after the infamous chalkboard incident. One described a confrontation with the same business teacher, who is now suspended.

Ciarra Arteaga said she was threatened.

“He told me ‘Get out of this class,’ and I was like, ‘It’s okay. I’ll graduate without this class anyways.’ And that’s when he told me on my way to college, he hopes I get hit by a train,” said Arteaga.

Meagen Taylor recalled the teacher complaining that he should retire, then adding, “And by the looks of it, I might be walking out of this place with blood on my shirt, depending on who I get my hands on in the sixth hour,” said Meagen.

Asked if she took it as a threat, Taylor said, “Not really no. but it’s stupid to say when you’re supposed to be professional about stuff.”

Police said their investigation revealed other questionable comments made by Edison staffers on Facebook.

The women were comparing themselves to Charlie’s Angels, with one saying “We just need matching outfits…and guns. Yes having guns would help us make change happen much faster.”

Another teacher replied “I’m not sure about a gun, but I can so rock a taze,” an apparent reference to a Taser-style stun gun.

In reaction, Lake Station Community Schools Superintendent Dan DeHaven said, “there were no threats involved, just light-hearted comments. There was no connection to the school whatsoever. We are not investigating internally.”

Police tell CBS this case, and possible charges against that veteran business teacher, are now in the hands of prosecutors. The students we talked to today said they don’t think the teacher should be allowed back to school.

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