CHICAGO (CBS) — Just a few weeks after the Cook County Medical Examiner put its list of unidentified and unclaimed remains online, a family has now stepped forward to make identification.

Before now, he was known by his case number: 180 November 2012.

He choked to death on the Nov. 10, after he collapsed in an alley near Cermak Road and Kedzie Avenue. He carried no ID.

The medical examiner’s office posted information about him on its website – his approximate age, clothing description and tattoos.

On Monday, the phone rang on the desk of Deputy Chief Investigator Timothy Doe.

“I got a call yesterday. A friend of the family called me and they said the family was looking on the website that we have posted, and by the description of one of our decedents matched a family member,” Doe said.

That’s how 52-year-old Baldomino Moctezuma of Chicago was identified, and claimed by his family.

“They were grief-stricken when they learned the truth that he was deceased. I mean, they may have always sensed it, but the unknown is what really tears people up. You just don’t know,” Doe said.

For the Cook County Medical Examiner’s list of unidentified persons, click here. For the list of unclaimed persons, click here.