CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago filmmaker has completed work on his newest, most ambitious work.

Joe Swanberg is a veteran of independent, smaller films, but now the director, who lives on the North Side and studied film at SIU Carbondale, is out with his most ambitious project, “Drinking Buddies.”

He told Newsradio: “It is a bigger film the scope is a little bit bigger. The subject matter is the same kind of stuff that I have been interested in since the beginning. I felt ready to tell a bigger story and to tell it on a little bigger of a canvas.”

That canvas, was Chicago.

“The city was just a really important aspect of this story from the very beginning, especially the Chicago craft beer scene which is a big part of the movie. It was really just a nice, fun experience and also hopefully paves the way for doing more work and being able to make more movies from home.”

“Drinking Buddies” stars Olive Wilde, Ron Livingston, Anna Kendrick and Jake Johnson. There is no official release date yet.