(CBS) – Fredrick Goings was sentenced to life in prison Thursday for the 2009 murders of the ex-girlfriend of former Bulls star Eddy Curry and their infant daughter.

Yolan Henry’s slow procession to the courthouse microphones bore more sorrow than victory. The mother of 24-year-old Nova Henry and grandmother of 10-month-old Ava still has to live with loss.

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“We have justice today, and we are very happy knowing that Fredrick Goings will never be a free man again,” she said.

Addressing the court, Goings, an attorney who represented Henry, called his conviction a rush to judgment, saying, “I still maintain my innocence.”

But Henry brushed off those words.

“Anything that comes out of his mouth is a lie,” she said.

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Imposing a sentence of life in prison, Judge Maura Slattery Boyle called Goings a “fraud, a shell and a façade” as a man and a lawyer.

Goings was convicted of gunning down Henry and Ava at Henry’s South Loop town house. He was enraged that Henry had hired another lawyer to challenge Goings’ legal fees in a child support fight against Curry, a former Bulls center.

The double-murder case is now over, but for Henry’s loved ones, the pain will never leave.

“You just never get any closure, and there’s going to be always that thing of missing your babies and my little granddaughter. I miss them every much,” Henry’s father, Eric Grimmette, said.

Nova Henry’s 3-year-old son, Noah, was found in the town house unharmed after the shootings. He told  his grandmother that “Fredrick” was responsible.

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Noah now lives with Eddy Curry. According to family, he constantly asks about his lost mother and baby sister.