Calumet Park Elementary School.

Calumet Park Elementary School.

CALUMET PARK (CBS) — A 105-year old elementary school in the south suburbs is giving alumni one last chance to take a trip down Memory Lane before the school closes.

Calumet School in south suburban Calumet Park is being replaced by a new building next fall.

Administrator Lawrence Cox says a few alums dusted off some memories while walking through the school and thought up the idea to give all alumni a chance to take a tour.

“It took us hours to get through because they were reminiscing about ‘I used to have this locker and I used to be in this classroom and do you remember Mr. So and So?'”

Calumet School was constructed in 1908 and Cox says just about everything, including its bricks, will be on the auction block.

“They might say, ‘I want the blackboard. I’ll give you $5, $20, $500’. I don’t know,” says Cox.

District 132 Administrator Lawrence Cox says a former superintendent revealed to him some interesting information about the old place–that some old furniture was placed behind a wall that was bricked over because no one could think of anything else to do with the furniture.

Cox says the furniture may be a sort of “time capsule”.

Alumni of Calumet School can go “old school” and tour the place tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., tomorrow from noon to 3:30 p.m. and again May 17th and 18th..

Any money raised by selling items from the old building will be used for programs for current students.

Calumet School is located at 1440 W. Vermont in south suburban Calumet Park.

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