CHICAGO (CBS) — One of the hassles of riding the bus is the dash to get to the corner, several blocks away, to catch it.

Spokesman Patrick Wilmot said what Pace is proposing is a bus that comes to you when you need it, and the suburban bus service expects to propose several areas in Lake County to test the more flexible type of route.

“Instead of a bus traveling directly from Point A to Point B on, say, Main Street, the bus could deviate a little bit off of Main Street in order to still get from Point A to Point B but will jump off to Oak Street and Cherry Street and so forth to pick up more people along the way,” he said.

In order to schedule a pick-up in front of your house or place of business, you could either phone in a request for a specific time, or make the request online. Wilmot said similar flexibly-routed buses are popular in other areas.

Pace has not yet decided where in Lake County the flexibly-routed bus lines will go, but Wilmot anticipates that the standard fare will apply. If the flexible routing works in its initial tests, Wilmot said Pace could expand elsewhere on the system.