CHICAGO (CBS) — 40,000 runners were expected in the Shamrock Shuffle this morning.

When asked by Newsradio to describe her eyelashes, Alisa Augello from Gilberts, Illinois responded, “Oh, they’re green! For the Shuffle!”

Green from head to toe was pretty much the norm.

The Shamrock Shuffle is the traditional start to the outdoor running season.

“It’s a nice training run and it gets us out,” said Cindy Coco.

Cindy Coco from Vernon Hills is more gung ho about the race than her husband Kip.

“It’s like a really bad walk. It’s not golfing, I can tell you that,” said Kip.

When asked if he would rather be golfing, Kip said, “I think I’d rather be but I’m a good husband. Obedient, I think, is a better word.”

The 8K race started and ended in Grant Park.