By Jim Williams

DIXMOOR, Ill. (CBS) — Wendy Casey is proud of her son Randall.

“I’ve raised him to be his own person, to not be a follower, but to be a leader,” said Wendy Casey.

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He’s trying to be a leader, all right. He’s running for mayor of south suburban Dixmoor. When asked if her son would make a good mayor, Wendy Casey said, “No. Not over me.”

Yep, Wendy Casey is running for mayor, too. What’s more, they live in the same house.

On the topic of discussions at the kitchen table, Wendy Casey responded, “We have no discussions. After we filed our petitions, our campaign was no longer a topic for communications.”

Randall’s campaign manager said no to a mother and son to do a joint interview.

The campaign manager is Randall’s father, the former mayor of Dixmoor, who resigned years ago after he was convicted of illegally collecting unemployment benefits.

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Randall Casey thinks the focus on the intra-family squabble is a sideshow.

“I don’t blame anyone for it being a circus or a sideshow I just choose to not be a part of it. I choose to continue run my race, run my campaign and run for the right reasons,” said Randall Casey.

Including, he says, trying to revive a very depressed community.

Wendy Casey said she loves her son and all will be well between them, no matter who wins tonight.

Other candidates in the race are incumbent Keevan Grimmett and Dorothy Armstrong.

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With two of three precincts reporting, Dorothy Amrstrong has 54.24 percent of the vote, with Grimmett getting 33.9 percent, Randall Casey with 6.36 percent and Wendy Casey with 5.51 percent.