EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — “The Exonerated” follows the stories of six people who were sentenced to death row and eventually absolved and set free.

“It basically follows them from how they were arrested through their incarceration, and then into their life after exoneration.”

Director Cat Miller says it’s only appropriate that the play landed in Evanston. Northwestern’s Center on Wrongful convictions actually freed a number of the people featured in the play.

“It’s true stories and it uses those people’s words, words from transcripts, from court documents to create a journey through these peoples lives.”

Miller says former Governor Ryan even screened the play before he issued a moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois.

“Who knows exactly what influenced him but he seemed very moved by it and it was a really powerful piece in his journey in his decision to create the moratorium and I think it really has that impact on people.”

The Exonerated features both student and professional actors and opens April 19th and runs through May 5th at NU’s Louis Theater.

The April 19 opening night performance includes a post-show discussion and reception featuring “Presumed Innocent” author Scott Turow, exoneree Juan Rivera and Jeffrey Urdangen, clinical assistant professor of law and director of the law school’s Center for Criminal Defense. Proceeds from single ticket sales for this performance benefit the Center on Wrongful Conviction.