CHICAGO (CBS) — For the second time this weekend, police officers were sent the hospital, following a traffic accident.

Sunday morning around 3:30, there was a head-on collision between a police cruiser and a pick-up truck.

Officers say the police S.U.V .was parked in the 1300 block of North Clark.

Officers were inside filling- out a police report for a man who was sitting in the backseat, when they were hit.

The two officers are now in stable condition, and the civilian who was in the backseat, was not severely hurt.

One of the officers and the man in the backseat of the police S.U.V., were both taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. A second officer was taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital.

Police arrested the driver of the pick-up. He has yet to be charged.

Saturday, CBS 2 told you about an accident in the Austin neighborhood, near Laramie and Harrison, where a police cruiser was hit, after a witness says a white Cadillac sped through a red light.

Anthony Camarillo, 18, was killed after being ejected from the Cadillac.

Four others, including two officers, were taken to hospitals.

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