CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago’s running community is showing its support for Boston and the victims of Monday’s tragic bomb attack. As CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports, it happened Tuesday night.

Some 200 runners showed up on the city’s North lakefront. It was billed as a “Unity with Boston” event. It was organized by the Chicago Area Runners Association.

Wendy Jaehn of CARA said, “Running is a healing sport, runners are close knit and while we compete against each other, we’re also there to support each other every step of the way.” About the fatal bombing, Jaehn said, “It’s just devastating to see someone take something as pure and wonderful as a road race and turn it into a nightmare.”

It wasn’t a marathon by any means, just three miles of running, but it was long on emotion.

“I run, my brother runs,” said Annie Kelley, “and I know the feeling of crossing the finish line and that so many didn’t and such a horrific thing happened, it’s tough.”

Her brother Michael said, “As any runner will tell you, from injuries or a terrible tragedy like this, you get up, dust yourself off and just keep going. There’s always another race to run.”

The Unity event was put together by CARA on short notice. Facebook helped get the word out.