CHICAGO (CBS) — Much like 9-11, the terror strike at the Boston Marathon has caused a lot of anxiety, with people worrying their city could be next.

Dr. Mark Rienicki, Chief Psychologist at Northwest University says what we fear most is the unknown and since terror strikes can happen anywhere anytime, they’re especially worrisome.

He says we aren’t afraid to get a car or light up a cigarette, even though we could die, but we tend to dwell on things we can’t control, like terrorism.

“The sense that we have that we were somehow insulated from terrorist attacks and from these sorts of events has been taken away. That was stripped away back on 9-11,” said Dr. Rienicki

He says fear is normal, but the key is to not let the worrying get out of control.

“There is a possibility that a 747 will fly through our window, planes do crash. But we don’t go through our days feeling anxious and vigilant in worrying about them because the probability is so low,” said Dr. Rienicki.

Dr. Marilee Feldmen says we may not even know how much a tragedy affects us. She also says some people are more wired for anxiety than others.

“And you combine an event like this that seems so incredibly random and devastating, that maybe now there are parents that now they have to worry about their child’s safety,” said Feldman.

Experts say terrorism scares us so much because it’s something we can’t predict

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