CHICAGO (CBS) — Some enterprising plumbers have been making a lot of money from the flooding on the North Side, where they’ve been side-stepping the law to help people out.

WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, in one Far North Side neighborhood, three plumbers were helping frustrated homeowners.

What they were doing isn’t exactly legal, because they don’t have permits, but they were doing what they could anyway for people who needed help.

One of the plumbers, who we’ll call Norton, said it’s about the worst basement and street flooding he’s ever seen; and he’s not young.

“I don’t know, this takes the cake. I’ve never seen nothing worse than this before,” he said. “I’ve seen it shooting up … blowing the lids off. I almost ran in the hole, because the lid was blown off.”

The plumbers had already been working 11 hours by early Thursday afternoon.

They said the basements they’ve been to have been flooded with both storm runoff and sewage, in some cases as deep as six feet.

One homeowner said it’s been a decade since he’s seen anything like this.