FOREST VIEW, Ill. (CBS) — It’s a waiting game for people trying to clean up from rising flood waters.

A levee breach along the Des Plaines river sent water rushing into homes and basements in southwest suburban Forest View.

That breach prompted nearly a village-wide evacuation. Today there is progress, as water starts to recede.

On one block, what was covered with river water yesterday, is now starting to dry out today.

80 percent of homes in Forest View took-in water. It started pouring-in Thursday night, and it didn’t take long for some residents to begin evacuating.

Yesterday, you needed to a boat to get around most of the village.

That’s what firefighters used to rescue those who were trying to get out of their homes, many with no power.

Even the village president told CBS 2’s Courtney Gousman that he had to evacuate, because his basement was filled with almost 6-feet of water.

Asked if he could foresee this happening, Forest View Village President Richard Grenvich said, “No. As a matter of fact, the village administrator and I were talking yesterday about how well things had gone with all the flooding that had been occurring in the northern suburbs and we had nothing.”

Since the Des Plaines crested yesterday, it appears, the worst is over. There are about 650 residents in the village- many who will now begin the clean-up process.

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