CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago runners say they were cheering last night when the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was captured. And they breathed a collective sigh of relief.

1,800 runners took part in the First Merit Bank Ten Miler this morning along the lakefront.
They told us they feel that the bombings were an attack on runners everywhere.

They’re a tight-knit group. Runners share a kinship. And while it would seem to be an individual sport, they run together and train together and rely on each other for support. That why runners say they all felt the impact of the bombings.

“We’re thinking about those in Boston we are running for those who lost their lives that can’t run anymore just to show unity and support that they are in our hearts and prayers and runners stick together we get though it together and being with each other helps us heal,” said Wendy Jaehn, the executive director of the Chicago Area Runners Association.

Jaehn says many felt a collective sigh of relief when the second suspect was captured.

She said she’s glad he was captured alive. Now, she hopes that there are some answers regarding why the bombings occurred. However, she said, we’ll probably never fully understand.