EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — The city of Evanston is waiving late fees on overdue parking tickets for a limited time only. After that, city officials intend to get tough.

The suburb has retained a collection firm to send out letters making a one-time offer to those with tickets dating back to October 2005 — pay before June 30, and the city of Evanston will waive all late fees. But spokesman Eric Palmer said that those who still refuse will then face seizure of state income tax refunds to satisfy the debt, a first for Evanston.

The city of Evanston can do so under state law.

Palmer said around 40,000 tickets are outstanding, and said they are worth $2.7 million. Until now, Evanston employed collection firms, but has not reported scofflaws to credit bureaus, meaning the worst scofflaws could face is the boot.

While the waiver is a one-time offer, Palmer said the seizure of tax refunds will be ongoing.