By Mike Puccinelli

WHEATON, Ill. (CBS) — Two people who were in the house and survived a shooting that killed the rest of their family were on the witness stand today in DuPage County.

Jeff and Lori Kramer and their son Michael were shot to death in their Darien home three years ago. The trial of the man accused of killing them continued Wednesday in Wheaton.

“The only time I will ever see your family is in body bags.” That’s what Angela Cramer says her estranged boyfriend Johnny Borizov said to her as the two fought over custody of their infant son.

Not long after that, her parents and younger brother were all in body bags after they were shot dead in their Darien home by confessed killer Jacob Nodarse.

But prosecutors say Borizov put him up to it and is legally responsible as if he pulled the trigger three years ago.

When asked how she plans to overcome the negative image of her client, defense attorney Susanna Ortiz said, “The evidence. I think the evidence and I think the lack of corroboration of Jacob Nodarse and the circumstantial facts are going to prove that wasn’t the case.

Nodarse pled guilty and has agreed to testify against his former friend Borsizov. But defense attorney say he’s a murdering drug addict who’s lying to save his own skin.

“He was in the beginning of this facing the death penalty, so he had a lot to lose at the time he started cooperating,” said Ortiz.

Several police officers were also on the stand today. Some were called to Borizov’s home by the defendant who said he saw on TV that his girlfriend’s home had been shot up.

Officer Bobby Sims said Borisov was crying when he got to the house.

“He had seen a news report on television of a home invasion in Darien Illinois and that he thinks his son’s mother is dead,” said Bobby Sims of the Willow Springs Police Department.

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