CHICAGO (CBS) — The man who has admitted to killing a Darien family in 2010 says he felt like he was in a dream during the murders. WBBM’s Nancy Harty reports on testimony during Johnny Borizov’s trial.

In response to questions from Johnny Borizov’s attorneys, Jacob Nodarse said he couldn’t tell if he was dreaming or awake when he murdered Lori, Jeffery and Michael Kramer.

Nodarse says he didn’t know it was real until he Checked his gun and saw that the bullets were gone.

He testified he only realized that it wasn’t a dream as he was driving after the murders and decided to ditch the gun because he says it felt like a poisonous snake in his hand.

“I started getting very nervous and started feeling very stressed. Then I started having flashbacks,” said Nodarse.

While holding the handgun he used to kill three people, Jacob Nodarse under cross examination showed little emotion.

There was little emotion when he held the hammer and showed how he broke a window to gain entry. Or when he looked at gruesome crime scene photos of the three people he killed In their Darien home three years ago including one of Lori Kramer lying dead on the stairs.

“Lori Kramer never did anything to cause me to do that,” said Nodarse.

But he maintained that Johnny Borizov caused him to murder three members of the Kramer family because he’d convinced him that Michael Kramer wanted him dead. And when he pulled the trigger, Nodarse says he believed it was all a vivid nightmare.

“In my perception it was as if I was experiencing a bad dream,” said Nodarse.

Nodarse faces upwards of 45 years after pleading guilty but mentally ill. He is the government’s main witness against Johnny Borizov, whom prosecutors say recruited Nodarse for the murders.

Borizov’s trial on murder charges is the first trial to allow cameras in the courtroom in the Chicago area.

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