CHICAGO (CBS) — They are the King and Queen of self-promotion, and while cynics might question all of their motives, everyone here at Lurie Children’s Hospital is very grateful.

“These babies are just coming into life, struggling to survive and just to get all the help really is incredible,” said Lanci Borota-Athens.

Borota-Athens learned today Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are asking their friends and fans to make donations to the Chicago hospital instead of buying gifts for their baby, due soon.

Borota-Athens gave birth to twin boys, Paul and Shamus, who arrived two months prematurely. She knows how important is for Kim and Kanye to direct resources there.

“It’s a very good light to shine,” said Borota-Athens.

The donations generated by Kim and Kanye will go to Lurie’s neo-natal intensive care unit, which treats the most seriously ill babies.

Nurse Melissa Mozwecz says don’t be fooled by the gleaming new hospital, some of the families here are poor.

“They can’t support themselves or buy the things that their babies need, and as we know, babies cost a lot, so any help is wonderful for them,” said Mozwecz.

Kim and Kanye have taken a lot of heat for some of their antics, but this is an act of generosity in Kanye’s hometown. It’s interesting, the couple has made no public statements about their request.

Lurie Children’s Hospital does not know how much money will be generated.

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