(CBS) – A Leo High School student who threw himself on his cousin last fall to protect him from gunfire barely survived. But Friday, he got to feel like a high-schooler again and do the unthinkable: attend his prom.

It was a miraculous moment months in the making for senior Miles Turner. Still on the mend after suffering five gunshot wounds, he sported a white tux and sparkly class ring for his night to shine.

“I feel on top of the world. I’m just so happy that my son is here to even go on this prom,” his mother, Angela, says.

Back in October, a police officer gripping a rifle guarded the scene near 64th and South Rhodes, where a gunman opened fire wounding turner’s cousin.

Turner threw his body on top of his cousin to try to block the shots, but was wounded himself.

He only remembers “me just falling, and people yelling and screaming my name.”

Miles left the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Friday just in time for the dance, but only after weeks of strenuous treatment.

“Learning how to sit up again, how to do certain stuff, bend my legs again, stretch my legs out,” he says of his rehabilitation. “Basically, all the stuff that’s got to do with my legs and lower body.”

Friday marks the beginning of a new life, one beyond the wheelchair holding him now, he hopes. He plans to walk across the stage when he graduates in June — a tribute to his cousin, who didn’t make it.