CHICAGO (CBS) — Gov Quinn has vetoed an electric rate hike bill, reports WBBM’s Veronica Carter.

Quinn said Senate Bill 9 would undermine electric utility oversight and lead to higher bills.

He says he won’t support a plan to put the profits of big utility companies ahead of families and businesses in the state.

“Utility costs for some of our citizens on fixed incomes, senior citizens, are one of the very largest parts of their budget and that is true of just about every family of Illinois as we enter the summer many people know first-hand what higher, soaring bills are about,” said Quinn.

Supporters say it would have created jobs and put the Smart Grid plan back on track, but Quinn says he’s tired of utility companies running to the legislature ever time the commerce commission turns them down for another rate hike.

Senate Bill 9’s rate hike would be in addition to a $311 million dollar increase Com Ed proposed to the Commerce Comission last week—together they would have meant an extra 6$ a month for the average utility customer.