CHICAGO (CBS) — As the Cubs defeated the arch-rival Cardinals several blocks away, neighborhood residents and a Cubs vice president again discussed details of the Wrigley Field renovation plan, and possible competition to move the team.

Some came to dispute the size and placement of the proposed Jumbotron-style video screen in left field, or the weekend street festivals now expected to open two hours before game time and close after the second inning.

A few said they hope the Cubs get all they want, so they will stay.

Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) acknowledged the latest offer from Cicero Town President Larry Dominick, who on Monday offered the team a free 50-acre site and unlimited night games to move the Cubs to Cicero. Tunney did not sound overly concerned.

“We do believe that Mr. Ricketts will own the Cubs for a long time in Lakeview, and we will have a relationship — a good relationship and a productive relationship — with this Cub organization as we have had in the past with the Tribune organization,” he said.

He said he also was under pressure from Mayor Rahm Emanuel to come to some form of agreement on a Wrigley renovation plan.

Team Vice President for Community Affairs Mike Lufrano said the club hoped to do most of the work off-season the next five winters, including this coming winter, although he said the hotel being proposed for the northwest corner of Addison and Clark could be built year-round because it would not interfere with the playing field of ballpark proper.

That being said, Tunney said he’s not in the Ricketts family’s pockets. If anyone, he said, it’s the “residents’ pockets.”

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