CHICAGO (CBS) — This spring is shaping up as a red-eyed, congested allergy season – on a par with last year.

WBBM’s Steve Miller reports allergists have predicted this year will be just as bad as last year for allergies, although at least it didn’t start until later this year.

“I’ve got the runny nose and eyes and everything itches,” Bonnae Casey said, predicting her eyes will be red until mid-June.

Dr. Mary Tobin, chief of allergy and immunology at Rush University Medical Center said eye symptoms are the most difficult to control for allergy sufferers.

“They have some new options in eye drops, and they have some good things that are over the counter, too,” she said. “The important thing is, when you’re miserable, take it every day, and just say ‘I’m making this commitment for at least 7 to 10 days to get myself better.’”

Tobin said part of the reason for more severe allergy seasons is higher pollution and more irritants in the air that make allergy symptoms worse.

She also said more people are affected by allergies now than in years past.