CHICAGO (CBS) — An Englewood man who spends his time fighting gang violence has had another relative murdered and he’s asking that there be no retaliation, reports WBBM’s Veronica Carter.

This is murder number four for Hal Baskin’s family. His 21-year-old nephew was shot and killed as he left his great-grandmothers house on Mother’s Day. Baskin, is a well known activist and also lost his brother and two other nephews to violence.

Family spokesman Keith Harris says Baskin wants everyone to stay calm.

“There are a lot of people that are hurt and moved by this and he wants everyone to remain peaceful and nobody goes out and does anything,” said Harris.

Baskin’s grandson was also in the car Sunday when his nephew was shot in the neck. Baskin, a former gang member who has worked as a community activist for 40 years, was arrested in 2011 for harassing an election judge while running for 16th ward alderman. He lost that election.