By Dana Kozlov

(CBS)  — Big chunks of concrete crumbled Monday onto lower Lake Shore Drive, hitting and injuring a woman on the sidewalk below.

The latest incident happened just north of Randolph, CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports.

Police were turning away pedestrians and bicyclists as city crews cleaned up the rubble.

It’s not what Chicago’s Department of Transportation wants to see. Its commissioner says he’s concerned about the news.

“We’re always concerned, and particularly on Lake Shore Drive, where you have this volume of traffic. So, we’re going to be ramping up assessments of this type throughout the spring season,” Gabe Klein said.

That will include sending engineers and crews to inspect the underside of the Drive for loose or potentially loose chunks.

It’s something the department did two weeks ago, after a small slab about a block north damaged motorist Bill Cantrell’s car.

Klein says the bridge was last inspected in the last year and found to be in satisfactory condition. He says, however, concrete can loosen and the weather gets warmer.

As for the woman hit by the concrete chunk, fire department officials couldn’t provide an update on her condition.

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