CHICAGO (CBS) — Protesters gathered outside a retailer on North Michigan Avenue today, upset about a CEO’s comments regarding image and body type, reports, WBBM’s Terry Keshner.

Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries is drawing fire for some past comments he made that are now being detailed in a new book about the retail industry, that Abercrombie goes for attractive, cool kids.

Darryl Roberts is making a documentary series about America’s obsession with beauty.

“I hear teenagers complain about the images in magazines, how it makes them feel bad, how it gives them eating disorders, low self-esteem,” said Roberts.

Doctor Maria Rago is a clinical psychologist and she was asked to take part in the protest.

“What do the un-cool kids do? They are not the right size, they are not the right look, they are not the right income and so those kids could feel ostracized. Really, this is a metaphor for a large problem in the culture,” said Rago.

Cali Linstrom is a student at Glenbard West who was taking part in the protest. She said “your physical appearance does not define you. You’re more than that. You can’t be not cool just based on what you look like.”

“Good looks,” she said, “will only get you so far. It’s great people who have good character who really make a difference in this world.”

Abercrombie and Fitch tells Newsradio that the retailer has no comment on the protests.

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