(WSCR) This, from Joe in Plainfield.

This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to Bud Selig.

This crap goes out to Bud Selig, who would not allow Nick Markakis of the Orioles or Trevor Plouffe of the Twins to use custom-made pink bats for Breast Cancer Awareness Day because “They have not been manufactured by our sponsor, Louisville Sluggers,” he said, according to a spokesperson. Markakis and Plouffe’s mothers are both breast cancer survivors and their bats were made by Max Bats, who promised to donate the proper amount to Susan G. Komen, just as Louisville Sluggers would have.

Really, Bud? You’re more focused on pleasing your sponsors than letting two players honor their mothers? How about focus on more pressing issues about the game such as replay or performance-enhancing drugs? Once these are all cleared up, you can go ask yourself, who ya crappin?


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