(CBS) — Republican Senator Kirk Dillard is pushing legislation he says might help curb break-ins that are occurring throughout the Western suburbs, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

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The problem, says Dillard, is that burglary rings are breaking into homes and stealing gold and silver that can be melted down and sold to so-called “Cash for Gold” places. But—he says—these stores are not required to check identification or keep records of who sold them the precious metals. So he’s proposing legislation.

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“We’re going to set up a task force working with coin dealers and the folks that own these places to try to set up a system where at least the police, like pawn shops, would be able to try to go back and figure out and have a trail as you who burglarized your most sacred place which is your own personal home,” said Dillard.

Dillard says he first proposed restrictions a year ago when a constituent who’d been burglarized discovered Cash for Gold places don’t have to keep records or require Identification. Dillard’s own home has been burglarized since then. He wants a task force to design tighter laws for such places.

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Pawn Shops are required to keep records.