CHICAGO (CBS) — Three teens were arrested on Sunday, after police broke up a large fight along the lakefront in the Jackson Park neighborhood.

Sources said dozens of teens were fighting near 57th Street and Lake Shore Drive, with several people holding sticks, poles, or bats. The crowd eventually moved to the 63rd Street Beach.

Police said officers told people to leave the beach while they secured the area, and three teens were arrested at the scene. One officer suffered minor injuries when he was pushed down while responding to the incident.

One woman who was at the lakefront after the arrests said she didn’t see the fighting, but said Chicagoans just enjoying a day at the beach deserve a solution.

“I just wish they’d figure it out. That way, I don’t have to feel fearful, I don’t have to feel scared, I don’t have to wake up and wonder can I take my two boys to the beach and have a good time? That shouldn’t be my biggest fear living in the city, a world-class city like Chicago,” Tamara Sahara said.

Three 16-year-olds were arrested, and charged with reckless conduct, disorderly conduct, and battery to a police officer.