CHICAGO (CBS) — More than a dozen people gathered outside the Chicago IRS office to protest extra IRS scrutiny of their groups.

“I was surprised and then I was angry,” said one protestor.

IRS officials have acknowledged that some conservative groups were targeted for extra scrutiny.

Protestor Mike Madia says the IRS’ actions are unacceptable.

“I couldn’t believe it. What really made it come home to me. This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s an intrusion into your life.”

Some waved flags, others held signs.

“They say it’s not illegal but it certainly should be. It’s against our constitution and against everything we stand for,” said Lorraine Madia.

Tea party protests of the IRS were also held in Downers Grove, Rockford and Springfield and throughout the country. The downtown rally was sponsored by former Congressman and Tea Party activist Joe Walsh.

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