By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — Now what?

That’s the question thousands of Chicago parents are asking as they face the reality of their child’s school being closed.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker takes a look at the options available to families.

The countdown to the end of children playing at Emmett Elementary and 48 other schools around the city begins today.

There is uncertainty, confusion and questions among many parents.

Every student forced out of a closed school is guaranteed a spot at the designated welcoming school. Chicago Public Schools, however, is offering options.

Parents do not have to choose the welcoming school. They can choose almost any school in the city that has space. Off-limits are selective enrollment schools that require testing.

Dena Dye already started looking. But so far, schools she’s chosen aren’t available.

Telisha Walker is choosing the neighborhood welcoming for her three children. Like many busy parents, it boils down to convenience. CPS will not provide transportation.

Frederica Marsh is among those happy with the chance to send her daughter out of the neighborhood.

CPS is encouraging parents to register their children before May 31.

They can do so at the current school or the new one. Schools will remain open until 7 p.m. Next week, the district will also host five fairs where parents can get information about the various schools that have space and register their children on the spot.

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Dorothy Tucker