By George Ofman-

(WBBM) I knew it, I just knew it. The Blackhawks have been hit with the curse of the damn President’s Trophy.

Only seven teams who won it since 1985 have gone on to win the Stanley Cup. There, I have something to blame. But let me just add the Hawks’ power play if I can. Have you ever seen a team so proficient on offensive be so brutal with the man-advantage?  Thursday night’s effort was by far the worst we’ve seen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You get a power play, please decline it.

Captain Johnny looks flipped out by the Red Wings’ game plan. They’ve rattled Jonathan Toews’ game to the point where he’s put a down payment on the penalty box.

And can Hawks fans stop chanting Detroit…you know what, because it doesn’t!


This was inevitable. Brian Urlacher really didn’t have much of a choice. But he didn’t go out bitter. Urlacher said he wasn’t sure he could bring the passion or level of performance to the game he used to and then added, “When considering this, along with the fact that I could retire after a 13-year career wearing only one jersey for such a storied franchise, my decision became pretty clear.”

Urlacher wound up making the right choice: class and dignity over anger and bitterness.


How about this: the Bears will retire a certain number worn by a certain ex-coach who goes by the name of Ditka. Yes, Da Coach will have No. 89 join 14 others already retired by the Bears. If ever a man exemplified an organization it’s Mike Ditka. COACH! Now open a bottle of your Kick Ass red wine. You deserve it.


Chris Sale was scratched from Wednesday’s start against the Red Sox with shoulder tendinitis. This isn’t a red flag; it’s an alarm bell. Sale’s violent motion has to make every member of the organization and certainly diehard fans just a bit nervous.


Jerry Reinsdorf wants to be around for 100th All Star Game, which would be in 2033 when the Chairman would be 97. If I was laying odds, I’d say its even money Reinsdorf will be in his suite and probably celebrating with some gefilte fish. Reinsdorf said he’s in the fourth quarter but he’s playing for triple overtime. I would have Nate Robinson on speed dial.

Reinsdorf wants the Sox to be sold after he passes. My guess is Mark Cuban doesn’t appear on the list of likely suitors. Anyhow, he’ll own the Cubs by then.


Something needs to be done about the Cubs’ bullpen.  I’d only keep Kevin Gregg. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

And if I’m Matt Garza, I don’t wait for the Cubs to trade me, I beg.


Sergio Garcia is a goof and a fool. You already knew that. But his fried chicken reference to Tiger Woods also got him a life time membership to the ignorance club. It’s pretty crowded in there but Garcia found some room. Then again, Tiger Woods hasn’t exactly followed the career path of a saint.


On the flip side, we have Kevin Durant, the real definition of a role model. His donation of $1 million to the Red Cross for victims of the tornado that ravaged Moore City, Oklahoma simply cements his place as one of this nation’s finest citizens.  Please clone him.


The NFL draft will take place in May next year. Commissioner Roger Goodell said it would be between the 8th and 17th. In other words, up against the Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs and baseball.  The playoffs are the playoffs but if I’m baseball, I’m trying to schedule my best inter league match-ups then. Have the Sox meet the Cubs, Mets and Yankees, Dodgers and Angels, Giants and Athletics, Reds and Indians, etc. It’s your only bet to steal some of the show.

George Ofman is a sports anchor and reporter for WBBM Newsradio 780 & 105.9FM. Look for him on Facebook and find him on Twitter at @georgeofman.