CHICAGO (CBS) — If you wanted to go to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoff series between the Blackhawks and the Red Wings, you had to get ready to shell out plenty of money, or gamble that there will be some tickets left for a bit less at the 11th hour.

WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports Game 7 is make-or-break for the Blackhawks, and it’s meant a real turnaround for ticket brokers, with front row seats on the glass going for $1,000 apiece or more this morning on ticket broker sites. Some resale sites were listing front row seats on the glass for as much as $3,750 each.

“And personally, I don’t think it’s the best seat in the house. Unless you’re in the curve in the front row, to me it’s a terrible seat. It’s an ego seat. That’s an egotist’s seat, we call that in the ticket business,” said Steve Buzil, of Sitclose Tickets.

He predicted the higher end ticket prices will come down by tonight, but lower end ticket prices will hold steady, if not go up a bit.

He said the regular season was better – from his standpoint – than the ticket business during the playoffs. Until Game 7, that is.

“This is what we’ve been waiting for,” he said.

Until now, the playoffs had been a buyer’s market, Buzil said. That’s turned into a seller’s market with the series going into Game 7.

“We’ll get calls even after the game starts; as we affectionately call them – with no disrespect – the bottom feeders. The lower end of the market. They will call up until game time and try to snag the cheapest seats.”

But Buzil said he thinks the supply will dry up fairly early today, especially for the better seats.

He said Game 7 has put a lot of people back into the marketplace who weren’t there before.

“They didn’t believe, and God bless ’em. It makes my job a little easier. My kid’s going to be able to get braces this month,” he said.

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