SPRINGFIELD —  An Illinois State Trooper, his wife and friends have returned from a service mission providing supplies and goodwill to the victims of the deadly tornado that touched down in Oklahoma on the afternoon of May 20.
“When we saw the devastation of Moore, my wife and friend said we should answer the call and show support, ” said Trooper Adam Miklaszewski.
After requesting donations from fellow workers and friends via email, a parent of an eighth-grade student at Hinsdale Middle School, contacted the principal and he began outreach to the families within the district.
The response was phenomenal.
“My friends emailed their friends, and they emailed their friends and before we knew it, we had piles and piles of stuff on our doorstep,” said organizer Kristen Meyer..
 The cafeteria was also full of supplies including baby food, diapers, water, canned goods and clothing.
Miklaszewski says he originally planned to transport donated items with a van, but needed two giant trailers because they had so much stuff.
Meyer says they also helped people in nearby Shawnee who were hit by an EF-4 tornado that day before Moore.
“It was utter devastation there,” Miklaszewski said.