CHICAGO (CBS) — One of the Obama administration’s biggest supporters in the Senate says a special counsel may be needed to investigate the IRS scandal, reports WBBM’s Nancy Harty.

Senator Dick Durbin says he will think about the idea, floated by his colleague, John McCain.

“I am keeping an open mind on that. I wouldn’t rule it out in terms of special counsel,” said Durbin.

The Democrat says the nature of the way that the IRS targeted the groups for extra scrutiny may merit a separate review.

“Because it involves politics at the most basic level, it may be necessary for special counsel, but at this point I’ll wait and see what comes up,” said Durbin.

As for a report from government watchdog due to come out tomorrow that says the IRS spent millions on employee conferences. Durbin says he wants to take a close look before jumping to any conclusions.

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