(CBS) When Duncan Keith reached down to pick up his glove from the ice, Kings center Jeff Carter hit him in the hand with his stick.

What happened next, Keith is claiming was an accident.

In retaliation, Keith meant to lightly tap Carter with his stick. Instead, he smacked him in the face as Carter skated away. After the hit to the face, Keith received a four-minute penalty.

“Obviously, I wanted to give him a tap, but not where it got him,” Keith said. “I feel bad. I’m glad to see that he came back. It was an accident.”

Keith doesn’t expect any disciplinary action from the NHL, but the league is reviewing the play to see if further action should be taken.

“I didn’t quite see if there was initial contact when Duncs was picking up his glove, but that’s what he was reacting to a little bit, because Carter was instigating,” captain Jonathan Toews said. “Unfortunate incident, you don’t want to hit a guy in the face. I don’t think the¬†intent was there, you just have to be careful.”

Watch the video below. Do you think it was on purpose?

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