(CBS) –An Illinois-based puppy supplier that advertises, “Our babies sleep in cribs, not cages” is being sued and accused of getting dogs from puppy mills.

“Really, none of these dogs are healthy. They all have either mental, physical, emotional problems — so many physical problems it’s unbelievable,” says Cari Meyers.

Meyers, founder of the Puppy Mill Project headquartered in Chicago, is familiar with the target of the lawsuit — a chain of pet shops called Furry Babies, based in LaSalle County.

“We received so many complaints and questions and inquiries about Furry Babies from people who have purchased dogs that have been sick,” she says.

In some cases, dogs have died.

Among the plaintiffs filing suit against Furry Babies is a Cook County couple who says they paid more than $1,500 for a male pug puppy who ended up in a veterinary hospital for several weeks for multiple infections, including E. coli.

Newsradio is trying to reach Furry Babies, Inc. for a response.

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