CHICAGO (CBS) — It seems like the Chicago Sun-Times has a new supporter of their decision to fire their photographers: Stephen Colbert.

Of course, Stephen Colbert is one person whose support you don’t necessarily want. The satirical funny-man may be entertaining, but his words cut deep as he attempts to reveal the foibles and hypocrisies of people and institutions he pretends to agree with on his show “The Colbert Report.”

Yesterday (June 5), Colbert had an entire segment devoted to the recent firing of all the photographers employed by the Chicago Sun-Times. He started the segment — entitled Photojournalists vs. iPhones — by saying, “I gotta hand it to the Chicago Sun-Times, a paper renowned for being available when the Trib is sold out. They have managed to cut costs without laying a bunch of people off from every department. Instead, they just laid off everybody from one department…”

His jabs after this went on to explore many aspects of the story — including the idea many say the Sun-Times is propagating — that a journalist with an iPhone is comparable to a professional photographer.

Whether Colbert is right to sarcastically condemn the Sun-Times or not, one thing’s for sure: his segment was probably well liked by the fired employees who are protesting outside their old workplace today (June 6).

See Colbert’s segment below: