CALUMET CITY, Ill. (CBS) — No ones was hurt when an explosion occurred in an abandoned house in Calumet CityA side wall completely stripped of its brick facade. A front window blown out. A back wall about to collapse. It’s the aftermath of a gas explosion in Calumet City.

“It was like boom and it was like so loud,” said Kiarah Currie, a witness.

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Felicia Broy and her children were in the family minivan right next to the home when it blew up.

“As soon as we pulled up the entire window just blew out almost like a movie set. I never saw anything like that in my life. It scared us, we were all shook up,” said Broy.

Some Insulation from the home’s interior and shards of glass from its windows blew into the Broy’s vehicle. The children were understandably frightened.

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“We started screaming, I started screaming for my son,” said Broy.

The home was vacant when the blast occurred. Firefighters say that’s fortunate because anyone inside could easily have Been killed.

“All the bricks blew off the building, the entire window frame fell out. It was scary, very scary,” said Broy.

Nicor officials were at the scene and refused to comment. But Broy says it’s clear that a buildup of gas was behind the blast.

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“As soon as the window pops you could smell gas so strong,” said Broy.