(CBS) — For some fans, Wednesday night’s storms and power outages resulted in a Blackhawks TV blackout.

CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports on how fans who saw Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final were trying to stay awake Thursday — and those who missed it were trying to stay calm.

Bill O’Sullivan says he even recorded two extra hours just in case the game went long, not figuring on triple overtime.

Bleary-eyed but boastful, fans like Alex Budris are happy to trade sleep for success.

“I couldn’t go to sleep after the game,” he says.

The entire O’Leary family stayed up to watch — at least, most of it.

“I eventually woke up after the amazing goal,” Aidan O’Leary says.

That amazing goal — Andrew Shaw’s, taking the Blakhawks past the Boston Bruins 4-3 — came just before midnight.

Homewood’s John Gram didn’t see it. He lost power, so he left for Lassen’s Tavern on 183rd street for a game that seemed to last forever.

Neighbor Bob Arneberg lost power, too.

“We got the bathroom radio out and checked the batteries on it and listened on the radio for a while,” he says.

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