(CBS) Anything Boston related, whether it was a movie that was based there, food famous from there or a famous person from Bean-Town, it was drafted on Friday’s McNeil and Spiegel Show in honor of Mac, Spiegs and Show EP Jay Zawaski heading to Boston for the Stanley Cup Final.

The draft order went based on who spent the most time in Boston in their lives. Shocking to nobody, it was Nick Shepkowski who had never been to Boston, so he got the first pick.

Finfer has been there once, followed by Zawaski and Mac who have both been there three times but Jay going more recently gave Mac the third pick. Spiegel, who went to college in Boston had the final pick in the four round draft. Results are as follows:

Round 1:
1. Shep – Boondock Saints
2. Finfer – “Harvard Bars” line from Good Will Hunting
3. Mac – Goodwill Hunting, the full movie
4. Zawaski – Jeremy Roenick
5. Spiegel – Jim Rice, Fred Lynn and Dwight Evans – Old Red Sox Outfield

Round 2:
1. Shep – Boston Pops Orchestra
2. Finfer – Cheers
3. Mac – Aerosmith
4. Zawaski – Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Beer
5. Spiegel – The Pixies

Round 3:
1. Shep – Citgo Sign at Fenway Park
2. Finfer – Conan O’Brien
3. Mac – Vince Wilfork
4. Zawaski – Fenway Franks
5. Spiegel – Public Garden

Round 4:
1. Shep – Boston Cream Donut
2. Finfer – The Kennedy Family
3. Mac – The Town
4. Zawaski – Nuno Bettencourt
5. Spiegel – Ted

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