(CBS) — Police are searching tonight for a driver who struck and killed an aspiring graphic artist.

21-year-old Carissa Hinz died after a speeding driver plowed into her as she attempted to cross Morgan Street after work Friday Night. The force of the collision was so tremendous it sent her airborne.

Police say Hinz was thrown more than 80 feet upon impact. Witness Carrie Clark says the sound was sickening to hear.

“I can’t describe that sound it’s disgusting,” said Clark.

Clark says the car was traveling at least 60 miles-an-hour when it blew through the stop sign in front of her house and slammed into Hinz.

“It’s horrible. And at the speed that car was moving? She wouldn’t have had a chance,” said Clark.

The car never slowed down, but minutes later and just blocks away, Carl Freeman later spotted it in front of his house still smoking from the impact.

Freeman called police who came and took the vehicle away. What they can’t take away is the horror of what people like Clark saw.

“Total recklessness,” said Clark. “I am a block and a half away and I heard it very, very clearly. It is not like the driver didn’t know,” said Clark.