CHICAGO (CBS) — Over the weekend, Newsradio reported on the disappearance of a piece of Chicago history at Devon and Kedzie on the North Side. Now, there is an explanation, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.

People showing up at what was Thillens Stadium, a little league park built in 1928 noticed right away something was missing: The giant baseball on a pole was gone.

“We’re coming down Devon and my daughter is like, ‘Mom, where is the big ball? Where is the Thillens sign?’ It looks a little different, it doesn’t look as traditional,” said one parent attending a game at the ballpark.

It came down for safety reasons according to the park district and everything identifying the stadium with Thillens was removed as well at the request of a family member. That includes the old picture of a Thillens armored car on the scoreboard in center field, which once upon a time if hit by a little leaguer would win the batter a cash prize.

The park is now called the Stadium at Devon and Kedzie.