(CBS) Despite a loss to the Twins on Tuesday night that came on the heels of losing three out of four the Astros, the White Sox are not sellers.


Sitting in last place in the Central division, 9.5 games out of first place, White Sox general manager Rick Hahn said he’s not ready to dismantle his club as the trade deadline approaches.

“I know there’s frustration in the clubhouse,” Hahn said Tuesday. “There’s obviously frustration among fans, among staff. But we do have a fair amount of time left to get this thing right.

“We’ve been saying that for a while now, and it is obviously time to get going if we’re going to make that run. But despite the frustration and the disappointment thus far, I don’t think there’s a reason to believe this is going to continue.”

Hahn did admit, however, that offers from contending teams have started to pour in as the White Sox continue to struggle.

“Given the way we’ve played thus far, it’s not a surprise that we’ve had some phone calls, the vulture-type phone calls that traditionally we’re more accustomed to making,” Hahn said. “But that’s part of what the hole we’ve dug for ourselves, is that teams are going to look at us as potential sellers when the deadline comes, and they’re starting to lay some of the groundwork now.”

Though he wouldn’t mention any players’ names specifically, Hahn said he expects the White Sox to be a “popular” trade partners if they can’t right their ship before the trade deadline.

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