CHICAGO (CBS) — Some Chicago Public School parents are worried that budget cuts will mean sacrificing electives.

Burley Elementary in Lincoln Park will lose five teachers next school year – to offset a $600,000 cut to the school’s budget.

Parents held a press conference as school was getting out this afternoon to outline cuts such as the elimination of art, as well as reading and language specialists.

The top-ranked school will also see cuts to music, gym and technology programs.

Soon-to-be Fifth Grader Eli Cohen calls the cuts unacceptable.

Gym twice a month, is horrific. I don’t even know explain because I mean once a week is already really bad<" said Cohen.

Students currently have it twice a week – despite a state law requiring it daily.

Several students talked of the importance of being able to recharge their batteries during music, art and gym.

Parent Amy Smolensky hopes CPS gives back the money and more.

"Whether that is through declaring a TIF surplus or other means, I really don't care how they get the money but they got to get it," said Smolensky.

Parent Harlan Cohen thinks the cuts – on top of class sizes that top 34 at lower levels – will prompt more families to move to the suburbs.