(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to 670 The Score’s very own Herb Lawrence.

This, from B0b in San Diego.

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This goes out to The Score’s gentleman and scholar, Herb Lawrence, who Saturday wrote on Facebook, “Took a ball to the face today. Calm down ladies, it was a 12-incher. I mean a 12-inch softball.” Herb was playing in a game and obviously misshandled either a hit or a throw and posted this looking for a little sympathy. The only problem I see is that last Thursday, Herb Lawrence reposted an article about Steve Dahl’s doctor getting hit in the face with a puck at a Hawks game. He wrote “No sympathy here. Catch the puck.” Herb, a puck leaves the ice at an average of 97 mph and generally matches the background of the stadium, but that should be caught by a fan some 30 rows off the ice and then we should feel bad that, while playing softball, you missed a ball that tops out at 62 mph that you should have been ready to catch? Herb Lawrence, who ya crappin’? 

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